If your Coral Gables Florida, business depends on a walk-in cooler to keep your products fresh, then you know how important insulation is for that process. Besides protecting your inventory, an adequately insulated unit runs more efficiently, keeping temperatures at the right level with less energy required. When choosing a new walk-in cooler, understanding the R-value is critically important.

What Is an R-Value?

The inventory you’re storing dictates the temperature you need to maintain in your walk-in cooler. However, the desired temperature also tells you what type of insulation you’re looking for in a unit. Lower temperatures require a different kind of insulation to maintain consistency over time, along with regular maintenance.

Each type of insulation has an R-value, also known as an R-factor, that describes how readily the material allows heat to flow through. Different types of foam insulation used at varying thicknesses have different R-values. Also, the R-value of a piece of insulation can change over time due to age. To adjust for this, look for the five-year average R-value. For most walk-in coolers in commercial environments, the standard R-value is 25.

Why Is the R-Value Important in a Commercial Setting?

The R-value of the insulation affects your walk-in cooler’s ability to prevent heat from the outside from coming in. A commercial unit with a high R-value is more efficient; it doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the right temperature. Higher efficiency means lower utility bills, and a lighter workload means a longer useful life and lower operating costs. Many business owners see significant savings when switching to a new walk-in unit.

Whether you’re refrigerating food, fresh flowers, medications, or something else, you need your commercial walk-in cooler performing at its best. When it’s time to buy a new unit, don’t risk spending your hard-earned money on the wrong one. Call RCI Air Conditioning Company at 305-307-5348, and we’ll be glad to help you find the cooler with the right R-value for your business.

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