It’s essential that the commercial refrigeration equipment in your Miami, Florida, business is operating well at all times. If the unit goes down, it can result in costly downtime, as well as expensive emergency repairs. That’s why having your commercial refrigeration unit maintained regularly is important. Check out some of the reasons you should schedule commercial refrigeraton maintenance.

Saves Energy

During your commercial refrigeration maintenance, the technician will check all of your drains, lines and seals. Clogged drains or loose seals can cause your refrigeration unit to have to work harder to maintain the temperature, which results in high energy usage and utility bills.

Increases System Longevity

Your refrigeration unit is a costly piece of equipment and one of your biggest investments. It’s important to keep it functioning as long as possible. During regular maintenance, the system will be cleaned thoroughly and parts will be checked for wear and tear. This will ensure that your system runs at optimum efficiency. Any issues with the unit will also be addressed then so they can’t become a bigger problem.

Improves Food Safety and Quality

When your refrigeration system is kept clean and maintained, it will keep food at the right temperature. It will help protect against harmful bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli. Your technician will let you know during the maintenance check about any issues that could be affecting the quality of your food. You don’t want to take any risks when it comes to the health of your customers.

Lowers Risk of Emergency Repair

During your maintenance visit, the technician will thoroughly inspect your system and its operation and will let you know of any minor repairs that it might need. Combined with the cleaning of drain lines and other components, this will lower your risk of a breakdown and reduce the number of emergency repair calls you’ll need to make.

Don’t let commercial refrigeration problems get you down. Contact our team at RCI Air Conditioning Company today at 305-307-5348 today to schedule your maintenance visit.

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