3 Things You Should Know About Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Storing food and other perishables at safe temperatures is of critical importance for food service enterprises in our area. The U.S. Department of Agriculture notes the importance of refrigeration in limiting the growth of bacteria. These microorganisms can have a serious negative impact on the quality and safety of food in the restaurant, food service and grocery environment.Here are some key points to remember about commercial food refrigeration and food safety in the Coral Gables, Florida and the surrounding area.

Regular Maintenance Is Essential

Scheduling routine maintenance for your refrigeration equipment can provide you with accurate information on its current condition and performance. Your maintenance technician can often spot developing problems before they become serious issues that could cost you valuable inventory. This can help you take a proactive approach to your refrigeration requirements while avoiding spoilage that could damage your profitability and your corporate reputation.

Upgrade to Save

Refrigeration methods are constantly evolving and improving. Making sure you have the most advanced and energy-efficient equipment can help your restaurant, grocery or other food service enterprise achieve the best results and the freshest products for your customers. By upgrading to a cutting-edge system that incorporates commercial HVAC and refrigeration units, you can ensure the most comfortable indoor temperatures and the best protection for your perishable goods.

Maintain Best Practices for Food Safety

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration offers recommendations for consumers about safe temperatures for refrigerated and frozen foods. These same guidelines can help your company determine safe thermostat settings for your coolers and freezers. By checking thermostats regularly to ensure accuracy, you can avoid a wide range of issues associated with your commercial refrigeration equipment.

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