Your heating and cooling system likely accounts for about half of your Pinecrest, FL home’s energy costs. You may not realize that there are more efficient systems and products available. Home automation zoning, which manages airflow and temperatures throughout your home, has many benefits.

Convenience, Comfort, and Control

A smart thermostat is one product that gives you more control over indoor comfort. It’s designed to allow you to adjust temperatures via Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. You can control the temperatures in any zone of your home.

For example, you might keep your bedroom cooler than the living room for an optimal night of sleep. You might even set different temperatures for each bedroom so that everyone in your home is comfortable.

What’s more, a smart thermostat learns the temperatures that you like. Another convenient feature is the ability to schedule temperature adjustments when you’re at work, on vacation or sleeping.

Energy and Money Savings

In an unzoned home, the HVAC system constantly runs to keep every room at one temperature. Because of that, you could be using twice as much energy as you need to stay comfortable. HVAC zoning products and systems can help you conserve energy and money with automatic heating and cooling.

Motion detectors in each zone, for instance, can turn on the system when people enter a zone and turn it off when they leave. Programming it to turn on and off is similar.

You can save about 5 to 15 percent in heating and cooling costs just by scheduling your thermostat to reduce or increase the temperature while you’re away from home. Implementing other HVAC zoning equipment increases these savings.

Learn More With a Home Energy Audit

Do you want more details about how home automation zoning can improve your Pinecrest, FL home’s energy efficiency? You can check out RCI Air Conditioning Company’s page about home energy audits, or call (305) 307-5348.

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