Professional home energy audits are designed to identify the areas in your Coral Gables home that are wasting energy and your money. The assessment also helps ensure that your home is a safe, healthy and comfortable place to inhabit. Here’s what to expect when you schedule a home energy audit with the experts at RCI Air Conditioning Company.

Getting Started

An energy assessment begins with a discussion about your unique comfort needs and energy expenditures. It helps to have past utility bills on hand to get the conversation started. Be prepared to answer questions about your daily schedule, temperature preferences and the number of people in your household. Your auditor will use this information to help you get the most from the home energy audit.

Room-by-Room Inspection

After examining your home’s exterior to determine its overall size and design, your auditor will conduct a room-by-room inspection. Everything from appliances and HVAC systems to vent fans are tested for proper operation. Auditors look for electrical hazards and signs of water leakage too. From the insulation in your attic to your water heater, nothing is overlooked.

Specialized Equipment

Professional energy auditors use a number of tools to identify the areas in your home that are wasting energy. A blower door is a powerful fan that pulls air outside, lowering the indoor air pressure. An airflow manometer is then used to measure pressure differences to pinpoint air leaks. Infrared cameras are employed to locate cold spots and poor insulation.

Expect Savings

The results of your energy audit can determine which areas to prioritize to make your home more efficient and comfortable. The savings can be substantial. By making the recommended upgrades, you can lower your energy bills by up to 30 percent. The final report details which home improvements will maximize your comfort and energy savings.

At RCI Air, our qualified technicians are the experts when it comes to cost-effective upgrades that improve home comfort. To learn more about our energy-saving solutions, call today.

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