Hackers targeting bank accounts and your computer system aren’t the only types of criminal homeowners in Coral Gables, Florida, need to worry about. Internet-controlled technology has become more integrated into our lives and homes more than ever before with the advent of home automation systems. If you have a home automation system, you’ll want it to be as hackproof as possible. With a few simple steps, you can hackproof your home automation system and restore peace of mind and security to your living space.

Create a Strong Password

Your password is one of the key lines of defense between hackers and your home automation system. If you’re using a weak password or your system’s default password, you’re much more susceptible to being hacked. Use a password that would be difficult for hackers to predict. Use numbers, a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, and other characters. Don’t forget to change your password regularly.

Use a Secure Internet Router

A secure router can protect not only your home automation system from hackers but also your computers and smart devices. When you’re looking at Wi-Fi routers, pay particular attention to the router’s security features. Once you’ve installed the router, change its default password.

Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi

Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks to access your home automation system. These networks tend to be especially vulnerable to hackers who can ride that connection all the way to your home system. When using your smartphone to access your system, use secure mobile data instead of a Wi-Fi network.

Check Your Camera Logs

One aspect of your automation system that hackers will likely target is your surveillance system. You can catch hackers in the act by looking at the IP addresses that have recently accessed your camera feed. Review those logs regularly and if you find an unfamiliar IP address, change your password and contact your security provider.

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