Adding a smart thermostat to your Miami, FL, home helps you save on energy bills by learning from your habits. Where you install it plays a key role in how it performs and the benefits you enjoy. Read on to see why the location of your smart thermostat installation is important and where you should have yours installed.

Places to Avoid

Looking at the worst locations for a smart thermostat helps you decide where to install yours. Avoid exterior walls as they cause the thermostat to pick up the outdoor temperature instead of those inside. Other spots to avoid include areas near vents, windows and appliances. All of your home’s appliances release hot air, which causes the thermostat to sense the environment as hotter than it is and leads the HVAC system to releasing too much cold air.

Best Spots

The best spots to install a new smart thermostat include central areas and frequently used rooms. Central areas like your living room ensure that the thermostat monitors the average temperature in your home and keeps your family comfortable.

Only install the thermostat on an interior wall, too. This keeps it from picking up the temperature outside.

Why Does Smart Thermostat Location Matter?

Location matters when it comes to a thermostat installation because it keeps the device running efficiently. It stops your HVAC system from releasing too much hot or cold air when you don’t need it, which also limits the dust moving through the vents to boost your indoor air quality. The right location can even save you money by minimizing your home’s energy consumption.

A smart thermostat learns from the settings you pick and lets you schedule daily schedules. Contact RCI Air Conditioning Company to discover other home automation products that are right for your home.

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