Every room in your home in Miami, FL, should get warm or cool at the same time. Any imbalance in airflow means something is wrong with the HVAC system or perhaps the ductwork. Look for these common issues that can cause uneven airflow in your Miami, FL, home, leading to higher repair and energy bills:

Dirty Filter

You should change your air filter, which is located in the return vent, approximately every three months. If you neglect this, the particles that the filter captures will build up and obstruct airflow, leading to a decline in air pressure and cold or hot spots between rooms.

Filters Too Fine for Your Home

Filters have a MERV rating, which tells you what sort of contaminants they can capture. The higher the rating, the smaller the filter’s pores and the finer the contaminants it can capture.

The filters with the highest MERV ratings aren’t meant for homes but for hospitals and labs. If you mistakenly install one, the small pores will make circulation difficult and uneven.

Blockage in the Vents

Dirt and dust buildup in the vents can certainly cause temperature differences in your home. Another possibility is that you’ve closed a vent or blocked it with furniture. Keep all vents open, even vents to unused rooms.

Leak in the Ducts

As part of yearly maintenance, our service technicians can check for things like air leaks in your ductwork. It’s important to address such leaks because of how they contribute to uneven heating and cause you to waste energy and money.

To see what’s causing your uneven airflow and to get the proper repair for it in Miami, simply call RCI Air Conditioning Company. We’re available 24/7 in case of emergencies, and we can service any make or model of furnace, heat pump or mini-split. We provide free HVAC troubleshooting advice over the phone as well.

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