Your heating and cooling system helps maintain a constant temperature and keep your home’s atmosphere comfortable. Before autumn turns to winter, it’s wise to make sure your HVAC system is operating efficiently. Here’s what you can expect from a fall HVAC maintenance visit in Pinecrest, FL.

Inspection and Cleaning of the Outdoor Unit

The technician will inspect your outdoor unit for any corrosion or damage caused by natural elements and replace any loose wires. Part of the service will include clearing away any dirt and debris accumulated inside the condenser fins and oiling the motor parts. This exercise helps to keep the unit running smoothly and silently.

Checking the Heat Exchanger

Your HVAC technician will inspect the heat exchanger and gas lines to ensure there aren’t gas leaks and that combustion is complete. Any blockage in the heat exchanger and burner can lead to system inefficiency and even cause fire hazards. The technician will also seal the leaks and repair the heat exchanger for safety purposes.

Checking and Replacing Air Filters

Visiting technicians should check your system’s air filters for clogging and dust buildup. Filters are responsible for trapping airborne particles and maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Replacing the filters keeps fresh air flowing and minimizes the chances of respiratory diseases.

Checking the Condensate Drain

The condensate drain helps remove excess water from your system to a collection point. Debris and other materials may block the drain, obstructing the flow of water. During fall HVAC maintenance, technicians clean and flush the drain to remove any blockage, moisture and bacteria.

Programming Thermostat Settings and Alarms

A certified technician can help you program your thermostat and test its ability to provide comfortable temperatures and save energy. They should also check your alarms and sensors and replace batteries when necessary. The alarm checks keep you safe and eliminate the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Fall maintenance is vital for an effective and efficient system. If you need high-quality services in Pinecrest, FL, contact RCI Air Conditioning Company for professional heating maintenance, repairs and installation services.

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