Replacing your air filter before it gets too dirty is crucial to keeping your HVAC system in your Coral Gables, FL, home running efficiently. If you neglect changing your air filter and let it become filthy, it can cause many issues for you and your family. Here are a few examples of damage that dirty air filters can cause.

Lower Air Quality

Air filters contaminated with debris, dirt, allergens and pollutants will not be able to push high-quality air into your living space. Instead, they will spread these harmful particles throughout your household and could affect your respiratory health.

Worsened Airflow

Dirty air filters will not let air flow through them as easily as a clean filter would. This decreases the amount of air that travels to each room. It can affect the effectiveness of the system at regulating your home’s temperature. Clogging the system can also lead to issues such as short-circuiting and broken motors.

Higher Energy Bills

Restricted airflow due to dirty filters will also cause the system to use more energy to regulate your home’s temperature. The extra energy that the system has to expend will lead to an increase in your monthly utility bills.

System Failure

If your system has to use extra energy to continuously push air through dirty filters, this will put a large burden on your system’s air blower. Once the air blower becomes overtaxed, it could stop working completely and cause a system failure. If your entire system fails, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars to fix.

Replacing your air filters in a timely manner will help you avoid a variety of complications with your HVAC system. Contact RCI Air Conditioning Company for affordable HVAC maintenance services.

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