Remember life before smartphones? We all survived, but smart technology has improved the lives of many homeowners in Palmetto Bay, Florida, with greater convenience and connectivity. Smart technology has also permeated the HVAC industry, offering homeowners innovative ways to stay connected, comfortable, and energy efficient. Discover why smart air conditioning can be a great addition to your home.

What Is Smart Air Conditioning?

Wi-Fi connects us to just about everything these days, and now that includes your air conditioner. What does this mean? Instead of controlling your home’s comfort and energy efficiency from a thermostat, a smart air conditioner lets you control your AC unit from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet, or even with Alexa.

With a few swipes and taps on the app that connects you to your smart AC, you can control temperature programming, fan speed, and more. A smart air conditioner literally places your comfort at your fingertips.

What Are the Benefits of Smart Air Conditioning?

The benefits of smart air conditioning run far deeper than offering the convenience of controlling your AC from the couch. Let’s say that early in the week you look at a clear skies weather report and program your thermostat accordingly. Then, in the middle of the week, a storm rolls in and cools everything down. You pull out your phone and tell your smart AC to let your home get a few degrees warmer than you had originally programmed.

With such constant and direct control over your air conditioner, you’ll significantly reduce energy waste, which in turn will cut your utility costs and reduce strain on your cooling system. You can further cut utility costs by using a smart thermostat to keep your home warmer while you’re at work and then adjust your home’s temperature before your commute home.

Smart technology is already improving other aspects of your life, so why not upgrade your air conditioning as well? To start experiencing the benefits of smart air conditioning for yourself, call RCI Air Conditioning Company at 305-307-5348 to get in touch with our HVAC experts.

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