Staying indoors won’t necessarily guarantee you’ll avoid contact with air pollution. Poor indoor air quality can cause a variety of health problems, so it’s important to take action if it begins to diminish. Here are some important signs that the air quality in your Cutler Bay, FL, home is unhealthy:

Fatigue, Dizziness or Brain Fog

Inhaling pollutants like carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke or the fumes from volatile organic compounds can diminish cognitive function over time. If you’re experiencing chronic fatigue, dizziness or a general inability to focus while at home, many lifestyle factors may be causing this.

Inability to Sleep Well

While poor indoor air quality isn’t the only thing that can impact sleep, it does have the power to do so. Indoor temperatures, humidity levels and the presence of pollutants can all diminish sleep quality.

Raging Allergies

Pollen and pet dander are among the most common contributors to unhealthy indoor air quality. They’re also things to which many people are allergic.

If you’ve suddenly discovered that your allergies are acting up while you’re at home in a way that they weren’t before, unhealthy indoor air quality may be to blame. Even worse, if you don’t normally have allergies but have found yourself developing them at home, you may have a serious IAQ problem.

Respiratory Problems

If your IAQ is bad enough, your body is bound to react badly. Prolonged exposure to pollutants can damage your lungs and cause you to have difficulty breathing. In especially serious cases, you may develop coughs, respiratory infections or diseases like COPD.

Health problems resulting from poor indoor air quality can be as mild as a headache or as serious as COPD or asthma. Contact RCI Air Conditioning Company today to find out more about our IAQ solutions and other HVAC services.

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