Home automation gives you remote access to control electronic devices in your home. These devices connect to the internet, allowing you to control lighting, entertainment systems, and heating and cooling systems. Here are some money-saving benefits and areas where you can cut costs on home automation in your Palmetto Bay, FL, home.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats allow you to control your home temperature remotely using your smartphone or tablet. This lets you use your energy more efficiently because you’ll be able to stop wasting it by heating and cooling unoccupied rooms in your home. When you’re away from home, you can set your preferred temperature before you return.

Remote Control

Occupancy sensors can help you save on energy costs in your home. They’re helpful in cases where you may forget to turn off the lights or appliances when you leave for work. Sensors ensure that lights and home appliances go off when people leave the room, and you can even control them remotely using a smartphone.


You can also install timers in your home to control lighting. You can set your lights to go off after you leave home and come back on when you return.

Timing-based automation is useful in managing other areas, including motorized shades, garage doors, heating and cooling systems, and surveillance systems. This can help to make significant energy savings in your home.

Cutting Insurance Costs

Home automation systems can help to cut home insurance costs. They reduce the risk of insurance claims due to theft and fire damage. This also helps to keep your home safe.

Motion sensors can help turn off fire hazards like candle warmers when nobody is in the room. You can lock your doors remotely if you forget to lock them on your way out.

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