Refrigeration equipment must stay at precise temperatures to ensure food and product safety. Preventive maintenance goes a long way toward keeping your commercial refrigerator in Palmetto Bay, FL, working well. But sometimes refrigeration units need repairs. Here’s a closer look at the five most common commercial refrigeration repairs.

Frost Buildup in the Unit

Firstly, the following three situation cause ice or frost buildup in commercial refrigerators:

  • Broken door gaskets.
  • Doors left open or not closed completely.
  • Insufficient air ventilation.

When these problems persist, warm air gets into the unit and condensation develops. As a result, frost forms.

Temperature Problems

Have you noticed it’s harder to keep your food cold even though you’ve set the temperature correctly? Faulty thermostats cause most temperature problems, but not all. Other issues that cause temperature problems include:

  • Airflow issues.
  • Damaged compressors.
  • Dirty fans.
  • Refrigerant leaks.

Strange Noises

Commercial refrigeration units shouldn’t make loud, obtrusive sounds. If your commercial refrigerator grumbles, whines or makes other weird sounds, call an expert service technician to inspect the unit. Mechanical problems such as bad motors, faulty compressors and fan issues cause noisy operation.

Lighting Problems

Do the lights in your commercial refrigerator keeps burning out? Lighting problems are common, but they’re easy to fix. Replace the bulbs with manufacturer-approved bulbs. If the lighting problems continue, the issue is likely electrical. You need to have a professional inspect the circuit or refrigerator’s wiring.

Power and Wiring Issues

Finally, a commercial refrigeration unit that’s not getting power needs attention right away. First, check the circuit breaker inside the main electrical power. Did the circuit trip accidentally? If the circuit’s in the “on” position, call qualified service technicians to check the unit’s voltage and determine if wiring issues have caused the power failure.

If your company relies on commercial refrigeration to stay in business, don’t put off commercial refrigeration repairs. Call RCI Air Conditioning Company to schedule a service call today!

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