A heat pump normally makes some noise as it starts up. But if you’ve noticed continuous noises during operation, you’ll want an HVAC professional in Miami, FL, to inspect it. Before that, though, consider the most common noises. Heat pumps can rattle, bang, grind, gurgle and vibrate, and each of these points to a range of issues within the system.


A service technician may diagnose rattling and banging the quickest, as these usually arise because of loose parts, including screws and panels. A banging noise, like one that sounds like metal striking metal, may occur when the fan blades hit something. They might even hit ice, indicating a frozen coil that will require professional attention.


Your motor bearings need lubrication to work efficiently, and normally, a tuneup will cover this task. Without lubrication, the bearings may produce a grinding noise, which you’ll want to address right away to keep the system from overheating. The compressor or fan motor may be to blame, too.


Gurgling signifies low refrigerant levels. Refrigerant is the chemical that courses through your heat pump to transfer and remove heat, and you need the proper amount of it for efficient performance. Losing it through a leak in the refrigerant line is bad, as refrigerant can harm your health.


Buzzing and vibrating may result from a bad air handler, in which case you might need to install a new heat pump. These noises might also indicate a loose panel or a refrigerant line that’s overly tight.

The next time you need heat pump repairs, call our team at RCI Air Conditioning Company, and we’ll send a service technician to your home in Miami. We are Trane Comfort Specialists and can service other heat pump makes and models. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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