Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can be hazardous. It can occur if people in a household have bad habits. Here are four bad IAQ habits to break as soon as possible in Miami, FL:

Smoking Indoors

Smoking can lead to throat cancer and lung cancer for smokers. When people smoke cigarettes or cigars indoors, everyone else breathes in secondhand smoke and experiences the same hazards.

It’s wise to prohibit smoking indoors. It’s also best to minimize smoke from burnt food and fireplaces.

Poor Ventilation

Inevitably, pollutants will invade your home’s air. You need a proper ventilation system throughout your home to move the air and eliminate them.

Proper ventilation in Miami is especially important in the kitchen and bathrooms and around fireplaces. Ventilation includes windows, fans and ventilation piping.

Using Products With Harsh Chemicals

Many cleaning products use harsh chemicals to achieve the desired results. These chemicals can end up in your home’s air.

Switch from products with harmful chemicals to all-natural products made from organic ingredients. Many of these products work just as well as the chemically powered alternatives.

Neglecting AC Maintenance

Your home likely includes gas appliances such as a gas stove or water heater. If you experience a gas leak, carbon monoxide can get into your air. Similarly, carbon monoxide can get into your home if the ventilation system isn’t working properly.

Install carbon monoxide detectors strategically throughout your home, so you can learn of a carbon monoxide leak as soon as it occurs. Also, schedule regular maintenance appointments to make sure none of your appliances is leaking.

Don’t forget regular AC preventive maintenance. Ask a professional HVAC service technician to inspect and clean your cooling system.

Do you suspect poor IAQ in your home? Contact us at RCI Air Conditioning Company for indoor air quality services in Miami, FL.

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