A sunroom is almost a necessity in Miami, FL, because it allows you to bring nature inside without battling the bugs and wild animals. Unfortunately, sunrooms can also become quite hot as sunlight comes through the windows and beats down on the roof. Let’s cover the best air conditioning options for your new or old sunroom.

Window AC Unit

Sunrooms usually have large windows, but you can opt for fixed windows that don’t move or standard windows that open and close. One potential option for cooling the room is a window AC unit.

Keep in mind that window AC units aren’t as efficient as ductless air conditioners. They cost a lot to run and may not keep the space as cool as you’d like.

Ductless Mini-Split AC System

If you come to us for an AC installation in your sunroom, we’ll often recommend a ductless mini-split system. Because it doesn’t need ducts, it’s perfect for room additions like a sunroom. We can install a single-zone ductless air conditioner to cool your sunroom efficiently.

HVAC Systems and Upgrades

A new central air conditioner with designated dampers is a good choice for most sunrooms because it lets you adjust the temperature as needed to make the space cooler faster. If you already have a system, we may suggest upgrades like changing the vents. Larger vents allow more cold air to reach the sunroom, bringing the temperature down quickly.

Portable AC Units

Depending on the size of the sunroom, a portable air conditioner might be a good choice. A portable AC system is big and bulky but often has wheels on the bottom that make it easy to move. Since it requires a lot of energy to run, think about a portable air conditioner as a last resort if you’re on a tight budget.

The best way to keep your sunroom cool depends on the size of the space and your budget. While portable and window units are more affordable, central AC systems with dampers and ductless mini-splits are more efficient and help you save money in the future. Contact RCI Air Conditioning Company to get help choosing the right air conditioning option for your sunroom.

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