A well-functioning air conditioning system cools your home consistently every summer. Eventually, your system is going to break down. In most cases, when important air conditioning parts malfunction, they can be replaced. However, there are circumstances when you need to replace your system. Here are a few common signs you need to replace the AC system in your home.

1. Temperature Problems

If your AC system doesn’t produce cool air, the source of the problem could be a defective compressor or low refrigerant. When you discover this problem, always weigh your options. Depending on the conditions, it may be cheaper to replace the air conditioning system instead of repairing it.

2. Poor Airflow

Airflow problems occur when the compressor is damaged or when something is blocking the vents. In this situation, you must determine if you’re willing to pursue the AC repairs. If the repair process will require a lot of time and new parts, it’s best to buy another AC system.

3. Refrigerant Near the Unit

Occasionally, a few drops of refrigerant may leak around your air conditioning unit, which is normal. However, if refrigerant consistently creates large puddles by the system, the equipment has a major issue. A major refrigerant leak can harm your family, so you should definitely consider buying a new unit when you discover this problem.

4. Strange Sounds During Every Cooling Cycle

An air conditioning system will produce some sounds while it cools a home. When you hear squealing, knocking, or other odd sounds, the unit is probably about to break down. Typically, a broken belt or motor causes loud distracting sounds.

During these situations, it’s usually easier to replace the entire air conditioner rather than pursuing repairs. RCI Air Conditioning provides professional air conditioning services. If you need help setting up a new AC unit, contact us today.

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