Cutler Bay’s commercial buildings require powerhouse air conditioners that can work around the clock. Today’s rugged cooling systems are built to last, but they need regular equipment servicing to handle the heavy workload. The benefits of commercial HVAC maintenance have been well-established by scores of research studies.

These studies confirm what HVAC contractors have always known: Preventive maintenance pays for itself over time. Here are four reasons why this is true:

HVAC Maintenance Plans Increase Energy Efficiency for Greater Cost Savings

The more efficient your HVAC, the less you’ll spend on utility bills. Preventive maintenance includes deep equipment cleaning. By keeping your HVAC clean, you’ll save money on utility bills and create a more comfortable workplace to boot.

HVAC Services Ensure Longer Equipment Lifespan

Miami air conditioners work harder than other air conditioners. That places a heavy toll on these units, and they need regular care to meet the cooling demand. Poor equipment maintenance can take up to 10 years off the life of an expensive commercial HVAC unit that should last 20 years or more. A commercial HVAC maintenance agreement can save you thousands of dollars on premature HVAC equipment replacement.

AC Maintenance Plans Mean Fewer Equipment Breakdowns

Lack of maintenance is the primary reason why HVAC systems break down. During a tune-up, your service technician can identify potential issues and correct them before they get up to speed. In fact, up to 95 percent of air conditioner breakdowns in commercial buildings can be prevented with an HVAC service agreement.

Preventive Maintenance Equals Healthier Indoor Air

You can’t afford sick employees and workplace illnesses. Dirty HVAC systems are a primary cause of indoor air pollution. Viruses, bacteria and spores can all make employees sick. The result is lost productivity and high absenteeism. Regular tune-ups mean healthier and happier employees and a more prosperous bottom line.

To learn about commercial heating and cooling maintenance plans that offer value-added benefits in addition to saving you money, visit RCI Air Conditioning Company or call us to schedule commercial HVAC services.

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