A dehumidifier can remove excess moisture from your Coral Gables, Florida, home in summer. It can keep the air from feeling stuffy without making you or your family too cold like an air conditioner. You can have a whole-home unit installed in your ductwork by a professional, or you can use a portable model for one or two rooms at a time. With a dehumidifier, you can enjoy damage prevention, a healthier home, and energy savings.

Damage Prevention

High humidity encourages biological growth and pests such as dust mites, moths, cockroaches, and silverfish. It could damage your wallpaper, carpets, ceilings, walls, or furniture. You may also have to deal with bad smells or holes in your insulation and clothing from pests. Pests can also leave droppings all over your home and spread illnesses. You could notice swelling wood or peeling paint as well. A dehumidifier can prevent these problems and make your home more comfortable.

A Healthier, More Comfortable Home

Pest droppings and biological growth can cause sore throats, asthma or allergies, rashes, eye irritation, headaches, and other health problems. A dehumidifier can help your family feel better by getting rid of pests and preventing biological growth. Many models also include air filters that can keep pollen and other allergens from spreading easily.

Energy Savings

Since air with high humidity already has lots of moisture, sweat can’t evaporate from your skin as quickly in humid conditions. That’s why moist air often feels hot and sticky. A dehumidifier makes warmer temperatures feel cooler by removing this moisture. It lets you choose a higher setting for your home’s thermostat and save energy. Some whole-home dehumidifiers have humidity sensors, and they only start working when the humidity rises too much to keep your home comfortable with air conditioning alone.

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