Caring for your HVAC system and enhancing your energy efficiency takes a combination of professional and DIY maintenance. While you should leave most HVAC maintenance tasks to a professional technician, you can take charge of HVAC maintenance in a variety of ways. The following DIY HVAC maintenance tasks will enable you to take the lead in reducing your energy costs and increasing comfort in your Coral Gables, FL, home.

Develop Energy-Efficient Habits

Energy-efficient habits will take the strain off your heating and cooling system, which will, in turn, increase its life span, lower your utility costs, and reduce the chances of needing expensive repairs. You can start developing energy-efficient habits by using your programmable thermostat to heat and cool your home efficiently. For example, while you’re away this winter, keep your home cooler than you’d be comfortable with while you’re home.

Change Air Filters

Your HVAC system’s air filter helps you maintain high indoor air quality by catching pollutants as they travel through your home. While these filters are helpful in most cases, they can hinder both your HVAC system and your air quality if they become clogged. A clogged air filter will strain your HVAC system by obstructing airflow and will drop your air quality since it won’t be able to catch particles. You can change your air filters about once a month to prevent a clogged filter from harming your HVAC system.

Seal Air Leaks

You can also indirectly care for your HVAC system by sealing air leaks around your home. Air leaks can strain your HVAC system by allowing unconditioned outdoor air into your home while indoor air escapes. If you’re concerned with air leaks, seal them by laying caulk around your windows, place weatherstripping around doors, and install extra insulation in your unfinished rooms.

Make DIY HVAC maintenance a part of your lifestyle, and you can reduce your energy costs and preserve comfort in your home. Call RCI Air Conditioning Company for professional maintenance.

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