Before you start running your furnace or heat pump at night in Cutler Bay, FL, have it maintained. If the system itself is operating as it should, the only thing that remains is setting the thermostat properly. Read on to learn what the ideal temperature in your home is to boost energy efficiency this fall and winter.

Some Things to Understand

The higher you set the temperature in the fall and winter, the more frequently your heater will switch on. When you live in Cutler Bay, FL, there’s no reason to use your heater often unless you’re especially vulnerable to cooler weather or a rare cold front blows through the area. In that case, continue to learn about the ideal indoor temperature for energy efficiency in winter.

68 Degrees or Higher

It doesn’t take much to stay comfortable during the winters in Cutler Bay, FL. The usual recommendation is to set the thermostat to 68 degrees when you’re home. This can keep the bills reasonable from month to month. If you must raise it higher, try not to exceed 72 degrees. A smart thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature for higher energy efficiency.

Lower the Temperature at Night

Moreover, you would do well to create a heating schedule. Lower the set point for those times when you’re out of the house and when you’re asleep. If the thermostat kicks the heater on 30 minutes before you return or wake up, that would be even better. Smart thermostats can perform this function.

With yearly maintenance, the thermostat will also stay calibrated. This means it will accurately read your indoor temperature, so turn the heater on at only the right times.

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