The air handler is one of the main components of the HVAC system responsible for circulating and regulating air when heating and cooling a house. It operates with the use of filter racks and a blower. If the air handler begins to malfunction, there are a few common causes to consider to ensure you implement the necessary repairs.

Blower Motor Failure

Blower motor failure is often due to a defective relay, blower wheel, run capacitor or control board. These different issues are air handling unit problems. A professional technician needs to repair them to ensure the HVAC system is back in working order after replacing the necessary parts.

Blockages and Air Ducts

If there is a blockage, or dirt has accumulated, it can lead to a lack of airflow through the air handler. The air ducts should receive a thorough cleaning at least once a year to ensure the system doesn’t have to work too hard to get the air circulating.

A Lack of Filter Maintenance

The condition of the air filter — whether it’s clean or clogged — determines how efficiently the air handler operates. The filter can affect the airflow in the building if it’s not cleaned or replaced every few months.

Performing regular HVAC maintenance includes checking to see if it’s time to clean or replace the filter to maintain the performance of the air handler. Replacing the air filter periodically throughout the year will help ensure the air conditioner continues to operate efficiently each season without working too hard.

Our team can inspect your failing air handler and tell you what we can do to fix it. Call RCI Air Conditioning Company to schedule an appointment for an AC inspection and repair on your property in Miami, FL.

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