A single-stage air conditioner may have served you well enough in Pinecrest, FL. But maybe you’re thinking of an upgrade. In that case, consider a variable-speed AC system. Read on to learn about single- and variable-speed air conditioners.

Introducing Variable-Speed Air Conditioners

A single-stage AC system blows at 100% capacity until it cools your home to the desired temperature, then it shuts down. By contrast, a variable-speed air conditioner will adjust its speed depending on the temperature. It’ll blow out at 100% capacity upon start-up, but rather than shut down when it’s cool, it may simply slow its speed.

Do You Want Zoning?

Variable-speed air conditioners are ideal if you want to add zoning controls to your system. Through the use of dampers, you cool only those rooms that you most frequently occupy, creating multiple temperature zones. Closing vents changes the amount of air pressure needed, which a variable-speed AC system can easily adapt to.

Additional Benefits

If you’re looking to save money in the long run, definitely opt for a variable-speed AC system. By running continually, it avoids wearing out your system prematurely, and you’ll face fewer AC repairs during the year. By running at reduced capacity, it can cut your monthly bill.

When Cost is a Deciding Factor

However, the upfront cost of variable-speed air conditioners is higher, and repairing them can be expensive as well. That’s why if you don’t need multiple zones and you’re on a tight budget, you would do better to stick with single-stage air conditioners.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

For a high-quality AC installation in Pinecrest, give RCI Air Conditioning Company a call today. We’ll back our work with a satisfaction guarantee and a two-year labor warranty. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we deal in a variety of premium products, and our highly trained service technicians will fit your home with an appropriate system.

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