Do you operate a business in the Palmetto Bay, FL, area that relies on commercial refrigeration? Perhaps you run a restaurant or grocery store. No matter the case, you want to avoid losing your inventory of food because of refrigeration problems. That’s why it’s critical to schedule a commercial refrigeration repair when you notice these signs:

Water Puddles

Do you see puddles of water forming around your commercial refrigeration equipment? Most commercial refrigerators contain a defrost setting that melts ice on the coil. The water flows into a drain pan under the appliance and exits via a drainage hose. If the hose clogs and water overflows from the drain pan, puddles of water will form.

Damaged Door Seals

The seals on your commercial refrigerator’s door stop cold air from escaping and warm air from entering. Temperature fluctuations inside your commercial refrigerator increase the risk of condensation, water leaks and food spoilage. Inspect the commercial refrigerator’s door seals. If you see damage, schedule a commercial refrigeration repair.

Spoiled Food

Considering the financial consequences, you want to prevent food spoilage. But inconsistent temperatures in your commercial refrigerator will cause food to decay. If you’re always adjusting the thermostat, you probably need a commercial refrigeration repair. Inconsistent temperatures reflect underlying electrical or mechanical problems.

Foul Odors

Does your commercial refrigerator have a foul odor? Empty and clean it. If you notice food spoilage, check the expiry dates on the packaging. If the dates are in the future, the presence of bacteria could be causing of the odor. Schedule a commercial refrigeration repair to ensure your commercial refrigerator is working effectively.

Do you suspect your commercial refrigerator isn’t working as it should? Don’t risk financial losses stemming from food spoilage. Contact RCI Air Conditioning Company to schedule a commercial refrigeration repair in Palmetto Bay, FL. We’ll ensure your restaurant or grocery store experiences minimal downtime during the service.

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