Air conditioning systems can be costly to repair when they break down. You can avoid high AC repair costs through regular maintenance. Learn these common AC issues you can prevent in your Palmetto Bay, FL, home with routine maintenance.

Air Conditioner Runs Constantly

An air conditioner that runs constantly signifies something wrong with the system. Regular AC maintenance entails changing or cleaning the filter to ensure that your equipment pulls enough air. A faulty thermostat can also cause an air conditioner to run constantly, and replacing it could solve the issue.

Air Blowing Out Isn’t Cold

The AC system may be low on coolant if it doesn’t produce cold air. You can avoid this issue by conducting annual tuneups and maintenance. If you schedule AC tuneups every spring, the service technician checks the coolant levels in advance to prevent emergency air conditioner repairs.

Higher Energy Usage

An inefficient air conditioning system can quickly increase your energy bills. The system has to work harder than usual to keep your home comfortable, leading to high energy bills and AC repair costs. Fortunately, you can avoid high energy bills by hiring someone for routine maintenance tasks.

Refrigerant Leaks

Air conditioners rely on refrigerants to operate; thus, low refrigerant levels can affect performance. Refrigerant leaks are common, so you need regular servicing to maintain the proper refrigerant levels. Some common causes of refrigerant leaks include loose fittings and corrosion in the coils.

Total AC Breakdowns

Failure to replace or clean dirty air filters and repair faulty parts on time can eventually cause your air conditioner to break. Save yourself the high AC replacement costs with routine maintenance. Poor indoor air quality issues are also common AC issues that you can prevent with regular tuneups.

You can prevent these AC problems from happening. We have HVAC service technicians who can help with professional tuneups. Contact RCI Air Conditioning Company to schedule AC maintenance and repair services with our experienced professionals.

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