Late August and even early September is when AC units in Miami are most vulnerable. By this time, the South Florida Summer heat has put a considerable amount of strain on your air conditioning system and the last thing you want to do is spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in AC repair near the end of the cooling.

To keep your system running throughout the Summer season, here are the 5 most common issues that cause damage this time of the year to air conditioners, for residential, commercial and industrial.

1. Not Changing the Filter

The air conditioner needs a clear and steady flow of air for the system to function properly. The air filter’s job is to keep the air as pure and clean as possible. Forgetting to change the filter on a monthly basis leads to dust and debris getting deposited throughout your home, it makes your system work harder as well.

When your AC has to proactively force air through a clogged filter literally anything can break down from the motor to the condenser to the compressor and more. Change your filters today or contact RCI Air Conditioning for assistance.

2. General Lack of Maintenance

We recommend a full, professional inspection before the heart of the cooling season begins and also a air conditioning maintenance service from RCI. This is done to identify any minor problems before they become catastrophes but also to give your AC unit a much needed cleaning. Dust not only clogs up your air flow, that debris gets lodged in moving parts making them burn out sooner.

An annual cleaning, inspection, and lubrication of your AC unit can literally add 5+ years to its overall lifespan.

3. Refrigerant Leak

If you’re noticing that it takes longer to cool your house, your vents are blowing warm air, or your utility bills are unusually high it could be a sign of a refrigerant leak. A leak in your refrigerant line can happen for a number of reasons (old age, impact, rodents) but it’s important to have it professionally fixed before causing severe damage to your air conditioner.

4. Condenser and Compressor Issues

If you’re noticing a buildup on your outdoor condenser and compressor it could be the result of many things. The fan may be broken or stuck, the compressor may be dirty, or there may be an issue with the refrigerant. Unfortunately when your condenser or compressor starts to malfunction, it shuts down your whole system.

This is why you not only want to be vigilant in inspecting these components, but also to call for service when you notice signs out of the ordinary.

5. End of Life

It stinks but the truth is your AC really does have a definitive life span. This doesn’t mean the unit can’t last 5,10, or even 15+ years beyond the warranty (with proper maintenance) but sometimes a replacement is inevitable. Learn more about getting a new air conditioning system installed by RCI.

Get an Annual Inspection and Stay Ahead of the Issues

One of the reasons to contract an annual inspection and to be proactive in reporting AC issues to RCI-Air is so that when your AC finally does quit, you can rest assured knowing you did everything you could to make it run as long and efficiently as possible, while getting the most value out of the system.

Call RCI Air at 305-307-5348 to prevent your AC from breaking down or fix your broken AC. We provide quick service to Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, Cutler Bay and Greater Miami.

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