Today, thermostats are becoming the best alternative for controlling home temperatures in Cutler Bay, FL, because they help save energy. But when they aren’t used correctly, you may end up paying more. Here are four common thermostat mistakes you should avoid making.

1. Setting the Thermostat to Heat Faster

Generally, thermostats regulate your system to heat or cool your home to a certain temperature. Most homeowners think that they can also use these devices to make their systems heat or cool faster.

Setting your thermostat up to 70 degrees will only waste energy. Just think of a thermostat as a basic temperature limiter. It only allows your system to be on until it reaches the set temperature; it doesn’t have control over how fast your home heats up.

2. Overworking the Thermostat

How long does your thermostat run in a day? If it’s 24 hours, you should consider giving it a rest for at least one hour. This helps it function more efficiently.

You can also turn it off when no one is in the house. Smart thermostats have made the work easier as you can set the temperatures with just a tap on your phone.

3. Installing the Thermostat Wrongly

Installing your thermostat in a sunny place will make it always read higher temperatures than other parts of the house, so it becomes hard for your thermostat to maintain the desired temperatures in the rest of the house. During a heating installation service, your technician can help you install the thermostat in a better place.

4. Turning Your System Off Completely

Turning off most home appliances helps with cutting the energy expenses. Unfortunately, HVAC systems don’t work that way.

Instead of saving more on utility bills, doing this will only put you in distress. Your living space may end up either too cold or too hot.

Scheduling maintenance services can also help you save energy. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians always strive to provide the best heating maintenance services in Cutler Bay. For comprehensive HVAC maintenance services, contact RCI Air Conditioning Company today!

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