You may not know that your indoor air has pollutants like pet dander and carbon dioxide circulating. The health effects of contaminated indoor air can show up after a short duration or after several years of prolonged exposure. Read on to find out about some common indoor air pollutants in your Pinecrest, FL, home.

1. Volatile Organic Compounds

Some solids or liquids contain VOCs, which are common in household products like moth repellants, cleaners, air fresheners and paints. VOCs contain several chemicals that can have short- and long-term health effects on your household. Some health effects of VOCs may include throat, nose and eye irritation as well as kidney damage, liver damage and headaches.

2. Wood Smoke

The smoke from your wooden fireplace could contaminate your indoor air quality. Wood smoke can trigger allergic reactions and cause other health effects if you have poor ventilation. It’s best to upgrade to cleaner technology for warming your home or increasing your home’s ventilation.

3. Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide can contaminate your indoor air when fossil fuel burns. It’s harmful because it’s odorless, so you can’t smell it, and it affects the capacity of your blood to circulate oxygen. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and avoid indoor air contamination, consider improving your ventilation.

4. Smoke from Cigarettes

Avoid indoor cigarette smoking to improve indoor air quality. A single cigarette stick can contaminate your indoor air quality because it contains several toxic substances. Second-hand smoking is a common cause of poor indoor air quality, but you can clean the air in your home with air purifiers.

If your home has any of these common causes of poor indoor air quality, then you need to act immediately. It’s important to eliminate these causes of contaminated indoor air quality from your home to protect your health. Call the air conditioning experts at RCI Air Conditioning Company today to learn more about the causes of indoor air contaminants and schedule professional services.

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