Smart thermostats are one of the greatest HVAC tools to help you take control of both the energy and comfort in your Palmetto Bay, Florida, home. Smart thermostats come in a wide range of models, all with different features designed to make controlling your HVAC easier and more convenient. Check out some of the best smart thermostat features to look for when considering your next purchase.

Learning Capability

If you are looking to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC, a smart thermostat with learning capabilities may be the best option for your home. A smart thermostat can learn your daily habits and desired comfort level. With that information, the thermostat will begin to adjust the settings that can help improve efficiency while keeping a comfortable temperature throughout your home.

Remote Capability

For your convenience, some smart thermostats allow you to remotely control them from any location with your smart device. You will simply need to download an app on your phone or other smart devices. You will then be able to monitor settings, make needed adjustments, and receive certain alerts.

Energy Tracking and Reporting

Some smart thermostats come with the ability to track and receive reports of the energy use in your home. You can use these reports to determine possible problems with your home or HVAC system that may be causing the inefficiency. With that knowledge, you can take control of your energy use and lower your monthly utility bills.

Maintenance Reminders

If you have a hard time keeping on top of filter changes or simply need to be reminded from time to time, you will want to choose a smart thermostat with maintenance notifications. You can set alerts that notify you of issues, such as your filter needing to be replaced or power outages in the home.

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