American homeowners spent an estimated $30 billion to cool their homes in 2017, according to The United States Department of Energy. With summer approaching, you may be looking for ways to save on your cooling costs. Here are the following ways you can save energy.

Operate Your AC Economically

Set your AC to a temperature that is as high as you can while still keeping the interior of your home comfortable. For optimal efficiency, set it at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing so could decrease your cooling expenses by around 18%. Also, keep in mind that turning your air conditioner down to a cooler temperature when you return home doesn’t make it cool faster.

Install Fans

Fans are an affordable way to save energy. They’ll make rooms feel cooler year-round. Consider installing a fan in every room of your home. They’re cheap to buy and easy to install yourself. They also come in a variety of styles and designs, so they add a personal touch.

3. Maintain Your HVAC System

Be sure to schedule HVAC maintenance regularly. Heating and cooling companies offer this service affordably. An HVAC service provider will keep your filter changed and the system’s parts lubricated to make sure that it is running as efficiently as possible. When the filter is clean and the parts are lubricated, you will save in cooling costs by paying less to your electric company. Maintenance also decreases repairs, which saves you even more in cooling costs since you may be able to avoid paying for costly repairs.

Save Energy the Easy Way

There are easy and affordable ways to reduce your cooling costs in Palmetto. For more tips or to schedule maintenance, contact the air conditioning experts at RCI Air Conditioning Company today. We provide estimates, and all of our services come with a satisfaction guarantee.

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