In the warm, humid climate of Cutler Bay, Florida, homeowners tend to use their HVAC systems frequently throughout the year. Learn how you can keep your HVAC system running smoothly year-round while also keeping your energy costs low.

Regularly Replace Your Air Filter

The air filter in your HVAC system is designed to catch the dirty air particles that pass through the system. However, a dirty filter cannot function properly. It won’t be able to catch the dust and other air pollutants in your indoor air, and it will reduce your system’s airflow. Reduced airflow means that your system has to work harder to push out enough air to reach your desired indoor temperature. However, if you regularly replace your filter every two to three months, your system won’t have to work overtime and will run smoothly year-round.

Seal Air Leaks

Air leaks in your ducts, windows, or doors contribute to air loss, meaning that some of the conditioned air from your HVAC system doesn’t reach every room or stay inside your home. Therefore, your system will try to compensate for the air loss and produce even more conditioned air to reach your desired indoor temperature. Having your air ducts properly sealed, adding caulk around your windows, and installing weatherstripping on your doors will keep your home sealed, helping your HVAC system run efficiently throughout the year.

Keep Your System Clean

Since your unit circulates your indoor air, which contains dust and other air pollutants, dust and debris will naturally collect in your system. Both the outdoor and indoor units of your system need to be cleaned regularly for the system to function efficiently year-round. Professional HVAC maintenance will keep your system clean and prevent it from overworking, thus helping it work smoothly around the clock.

Let us help you keep your unit in peak condition throughout the year. Call RCI Air Conditioning Company today at 305-307-5348 to schedule a preventive maintenance visit for yoursystem.

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