You’re probably used to hearing certain sounds from your heater and air conditioner in your Coral Gables, Florida, home. Normal noises include humming, soft whirring, and clicking sounds when your system activates or deactivates. Other sounds could indicate that your HVAC system is in trouble and in need of maintenance or repairs. If you hear loud rattles or bangs, screeching or squealing, or rattling from your outdoor unit, it may be time to call an HVAC professional.

Loud Rattling or Banging

Loud rattling or banging sounds often indicate a problem exists with your HVAC system’s motor or blower assembly. Rattling means a loose component or part. You should have it repaired before it breaks down entirely. If the sounds are particularly loud, shut your system off to prevent further damage and call your HVAC company for service.

Screeching, Grinding, or Squealing

Squealing noises coming from the blower could mean that the belt or the motor is damaged or malfunctioning. Belts are inexpensive, and you should replace them before they break. Otherwise, the blower won’t operate normally. You could also have screeching, grinding, or squealing from a lack of oil or another lubricant. Common household types of oil aren’t strong enough for this equipment, so you’ll need help from an expert.

Rattling From Your Outdoor Unit

Your system’s outdoor unit should never rattle when the fan is activated. That sound could be a sign of a failing motor or loose hardware somewhere else in the unit. You could also have leaves, twigs, or other debris inside your compressor. The louder the rattling is, the more serious the problem could be.

The experts at RCI Air Conditioning Company can help you keep your heating and air conditioning in excellent condition. If you hear any strange sounds, call us anytime at 305-307-5348 for outstanding, friendly service. We’re a Trane Comfort Specialist, and we can help you and your family stay comfortable.

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