Fall is approaching in Cutler Bay, FL, which means you’ll want a seasonal inspection of your HVAC system. An aspect of heating and cooling that’s often ignored is the airflow. Here are some causes of poor airflow in your heating and cooling system that can cause malfunctions or lower your indoor air quality.

1. Dirty Furnace Filters

The ductwork design is critical to HVAC efficiency. Therefore, during system construction, the furnace filter must fit in a way that leaves no room for friction. However, as your system continues to run, dust and other particles present in the air may build up in the furnace filters.

Over time, the dust buildup will enlarge the diameter of the filter, causing it to almost fill up. As a result of the dirt, friction occurs negatively, affecting air distribution and its moving pressure. We recommend knowing the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) ratings of your furnace filters before contacting us for air filtration solutions. Furnace filters with higher MERV ratings are better suited for allowing minimally contaminated particles through.

2. Blockages in Your Vents or Registers

Blockages in your register or air vents will often be the reason for reduced airflow in your home. A sign that your ducts have blockages is uneven heating and cooling in some parts of your house. Rooms with lower heat or cold could have blockages. Check your vents for any obstruction from furniture or other items inside your house.

You can perform a test for blockage by blowing air using a fan through the vents and tracking the airflow in each duct. Loose ductwork joints or holes in the vent can also reduce airflow. If you find blockages or low air pressure in the vents, our HVAC professionals can properly clear out the blocks.

3. Age of Your HVAC System

The basic lifespan of an HVAC system is 10 to 25 years with regular maintenance. Even if your system is a little less than 10 years old, you may start experiencing efficiency issues due to extensive use. In case of poor airflow, an HVAC expert can help determine whether the decrease in airflow is due to wear and tear in your old system.

Above are three of the most prevalent causes of poor airflow in your home. Contact our team at RCI Air Conditioning Company for all your HVAC repair needs.

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